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Green Screen infinity curve

Studio 2 is our sound-insulated and treated full-length L-shaped green infinity curve. It's ideal for up to three people on set, with a lighting grid overhead. The fill lighting can be tungsten or daylight, please let us know which you prefer prior to the shoot day.

Subject lighting is the responsibility of the hirer. These can be brought in by yourselves or hired from us. You can find a selection of in-house lights to hire by clicking here.


Studio 2 - 988 sq.ft./91 sq.m.
25' (w) x 39.5' (d) x 11' (h)
(12 x 7.6 x 3.4m)

Curve - 271 sq.ft./25 sq.m.
17' 6" (w) x 15' 6" (d) x 8' (h)
(5.3 x 4.7 x 2.5m)


Pre-lit fill of 4 x Kino Flo 4ft Double Select Systems (tungsten or daylight tubes) mounted on ceiling lighting grid.


4 Single Phase ring mains
1 x 32A socket
1 x 16A socket with 5-way distro on request
20 x 13A sockets
Additional power leads available on request.

Sound insulation

Rockwool ProRox SL960 Insulation Slab plus  Acoustitile 55 high-density foam - Soundproof wall between studios.
MCTV Green1
MCTV Green2
MCTV Green3
MCTV Green5
Studio2 Floorplan
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