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So what happened?

The continued destruction development of old Hackney Wick

Happy Years


in 'The Wick'

Planning Inspector Jennifer Vyse DipTP Dip PBM MRTPI concluded that the proposed development would result in considerable heritage benefits, met the local policy tests for outstanding architecture, and would not be unacceptable to adjacent buildings nor harmful to the character or appearance of the Fish Island and White Post Lane Conservation Area.

Well, we for one didn't agree with that Planning Inspectorate ruling, after appeal, back in 2020 regarding the neighbouring Swan Wharf. Take a look for yourself to see how Iron Works gets dwarfed by the new high density buildings right next to it.

During 2023 the developer finally started putting the plans in motion and doing noisy major works on site. That meant that we couldn't operate our business as a sound-stage studio for the next couple of years. Sadly, we had no other option but to close the Iron Works Studio and not extend our lease.


We had such fun times and a really varied set of shoots here, including TV, Promos, Socials and Corporates

If we have missed you out sorry, just too many to mention, thanks to you all!

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Think of it as more of a 'Au revoir, `a la prochaine' as they say in France!
We do still have our production businesses; Multichannel TV, Beauty 1st Studios and A Beautiful Life, for the best of British Beauty & Lifestyle, so do stay in touch.

Multichannel love, Jon & Lydia X